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z-a-z-u asked:

a double is where you go early in the morning (for me it's like 5 AM) then after school/classes or whenever the afternoon practices are you have to go back and do another practice. So it's basically two practices in one day. Early morning then afternoon/night.

thank you! :)

oddlycuriouss asked:

I'm not sure if there's some people like this or it's just me but when I did my first 200 IM i rarely practiced that week and the week before and did pretty ok. The next time I did it i practiced hard the week before and the week of the meet but my time was much slower why would you think this happened? The two different meets were like a month apart

ooh I think I know what your problem was! before a meet, most teams do a thing called “taper” which is where you take it easy the couple of weeks leading up to a meet. I’m  not sure exactly how it works, I think it has something to do with letting your muscles and body recover but I’m not exactly sure. it actually really helps to take it easy before a meet which is probably why you didn’t do as well the second meet, because you didn’t give your body the rest it needed! I hope this helps! :)

future-koenig asked:

Hey so I'm 15 and at the beginning of high school season, I was fast. Faster than I had ever been. And then a few weeks in, I got pneumonia. Like severe pneumonia and I swam 2 days later after getting out of the hospital. I took it easy the rest of the season but its been 3 months and I started my new club team and I still haven't gotten it back. I use to go a 2:40 on my 200 IM and a 29 on my 50 fr, now I go a 3:01 and a 34. Any tips on getting back into it??? Thank you! Xoxo

awe I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope you’ve had a good recovery! and hmm that’s tricky. you’ve obviously been swimming for a while with times like yours, so the technique should be second nature to you, so I doubt that’s the problem. pneumonia affects the lungs, so maybe your lungs still aren’t back to where they used to be, not allowing you to go as hard as you used to? if thats the case (and again these are just guesses!) maybe you should think about seeing a doctor? if not, then it’s always good to try some more strength training. get the muscle you lost back and such. changing your diet to more proteins but healthier foods could also help too. good luck, I really hope you get your times back to where you want them! xoxo. :)


Anonymous asked:

is it just a me who finds it hilarious that no one cares about swimming until the olympics? like oh yes! its been four years! people now care about swimming, but during those three years people are like "Swimming? that's not a sport silly." Bitch, its a sport goddammit

haha ya every swimmer has probably heard hundreds of times that swimming isn’t a real sport. at least were starting to get a little bit of recognition now!


Anonymous asked:

I swim a 24.3 in the 50 yard free and I want to do a 23 sooooo bad! My last meet of the season is next week, do you have any tips? Thanks :) (I'm a girl btw)

wow that’s actually insanely fast.. like as in the world record for a women’s 50m free is a 23.73 fast. so good for you, that’s really an accomplishment! I’m sorry I answered this late, I haven’t been on in quite some time, but I hope you did well at your meet! let me know if you made your goal time! :0

hey guys, so my internet has been down for over a month (a very painful month it was!) so I haven’t been able to post or even get on my account :( but i’m back now! and I’m into swimming season and fully ready to answer questions and post as much as tumblr will allow :D so thanks to everyone for sticking around!

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